Lot 1: Ficep Excalibur 12 Model 1201DE Automatic CNC Mono-Spindle Drilling Line

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Item description

Ficep Excalibur 12 Model 1201DE Automatic CNC Mono-Spindle Drilling Line, Section Depth - Max: 1200mm, Min: 50mm, 25hp Motor, 180 - 4,000rpm Spindle, 40mm diameter Drilling Capacity, 6-Station Toolchanger. S/No. 35747 (2018)

Please Note: This Lot is located in West Sussex and will be loaded free of charge to a suitable vehicle. Blocking and securing will be at the cost of the purchaser.  All/Any tooling is being offered as specifically described.

Buyer's premium

Buyer's Premium will be charged at 18%.


Value added tax will be charged at 20%.

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The purchaser shall at it's own costs be responsible for disconnecting, dismantling and removing items purchased from the auction location. If the purchaser is intending to export items purchased at the auction it shall be responsible at its own cost for ensuring compliance with all UK export conditions and the obtaining of any applicable Export Licences

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